The Story

As a photographer, I’m always looking out for new things to make my job even better.

A new lens, a tripod or maybe even a new camera. But there was still something that I just couldn’t find, so I started to dream about the perfect camera bag, one that makes my heart, my eyes and my camera sparkle.

One day, I woke up and decided that it was time to make my own dreams come true.

I designed my own camera bag: perfect, durable and good-looking.

At that moment, JUZA Design was born.

I had one clear vision, the bag has to be safe to carry your precious camera (included all the extras) but it also has to have the perfect look and feel. My mission was to create a timeless leather bag which you can use everyday with style.

And we did it, I’m over the moon with the design and I can’t wait to see more pictures of photographers using my design.

Each JUZA bag is designed with love, every stitching, every pocket and closure have been thought through.

I genuinely hope that you'll fall in love with the design as much as I do.

For the love of photography and for the love of capturing beautiful memories!

And remember this, “What you think, you become”.

Never stop dreaming, ok?

With love,